Welcome to our ceramic studio, where you can unleash your inner artist and create your own pottery masterpieces. Nestled in the historical city of Brasov, our studio has been a cozy and inviting space for pottery lovers since 2013. Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned veteran, you will find guidance and inspiration from our friendly and skilled teacher, Emily Chang. Bufnita (OWL STUDIO) is more than just a place to learn pottery – it’s a community of creative souls from Romania and beyond. Come and visit our showroom and meet our teacher – we can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri / 1pm-7pm
  • One hour workshop: 100lei
  • Subscription: 350lei (70lei*5weeks, 1hour per week) + Burning fee (40lei/kg)

Artist Profile

Nature is the muse of Emily Chang, a ceramic artist who creates organic shapes that capture the essence of the natural world.
Her pieces are a reflection of a deep connection with nature and are influenced by the Carpathian mountains, as well as by elements of Asian Ceramics, which she learned during her seven-year journey in South Korea. She blends cultures and landscapes in her art, using organic textures and colors to convey her vision.

  • Art College in Sibiu
  • “Ioan Andreescu” Visual Art University in Cluj-Napoca
  • Ceramia Studio & KonKuk University in Seoul, South Korea
  • OWL Ceramic Studio (since 2013, Brasov, Romania)