Workshops / Classes


Because the entire process of modelling, painting, glazing and double firing takes around 3 weeks, we recommend you to consider signing up for a one month course minimum. This means you will come to the studio 5 times (60 min each class) and be able to finish around 3 objects. We suggest that you make one cup, one bowl and one flower vase during the first month studying at BUFNITA. Please call 0746629395 for reservations or postponing your class. Prices for a month 350 lei (70×5 hours) + burning fee (40lei/kg)

If you are tourists, you can try one class only or painting on ready made ceramics. Also, handmade gifts are available at the studio shop.

We also provide team building workshops or similar events. Our studio can accommodate 15 people, or we can come to your location with clay and utensils.

  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri / 1pm-7pm
  • One hour workshop: 100lei
  • Subscription: 350lei (70lei*5weeks, 1hour per week) + Burning fee (40lei/kg)

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